Making meditation blissful, engaging and easy to do! 

Do you want to be:

  • Calmer, clearer and more confident in yourself?
  • More empowered in work and social relationships?
  • Easily deepening your intimacy with loved ones?
  • Actively integrating your spirituality into everyday life?

The Yoga of Gazing™ is for you.

Eye gazing meditation is a simple yet profound way to get more out of life. Often referred to as ‘transfiguration’ in Christian cultures, meaning to see beyond the form, eye gazing meditation is both a time-honoured practice of spiritual development and also a biologically-inherent part of life. Eye gazing meditation invites us to relax into being deeply present with ourselves while we witness another opening to their depths as well. Such seeing and being seen, holding and being held in presence, is a yoga, a path of union with the divine.

The Yoga of Eye Gazing combines the ancient spiritual awakening potentials with modern relational healing techqniues to offer a simple practice for repairing developmental attachment traumas and through attuned relating and mirror-nervous-system entrainment improving your baseline experience of embodied consciousness. It can be described as a bliss-based-therapy given the pronounced release of feel good neurochemicals and experience of safe nourishing intimacy. 

Eye gazing meditation is inherently a 1-on-1 practice. While you can do it with anyone, including yourself in the mirror, gazing with an experienced practitioner can be very helpful at different times:

  • Getting Started – Personal instruction in eye gazing meditation can help you get started in this simple and rewarding practice that will stay with you for life. It can be particularly helpful if the idea of eye gazing is confronting or if you’ve found initial attempts at eye gazing to be uncomfortable or even overwhelming.
  • Getting UnStuck – Perhaps you’re new to eye gazing, perhaps you’ve been practicing for a while, but suddenly the heat is on and you’re having difficulty dealing with the content gazing is bringing up in your psyche. Congratulations! You’re doing it RIGHT! But might you want some help? The presence and guidance of an experienced gazer can greatly accelerate you thorough processing these difficult passages.
  • Getting Mysterious – Eye gazing meditation can be a powerful catalyst for opening new depths in your being. Regular sessions with other experienced gazers can smooth the process, evoke more rapid awakenings, activate subtle potentials and quicken the deepening of your unique unfolding as the Mystery of Life.

You can book a session here. They are delivered online using Zoom or for in-person in Mitcham Melbourne please contact me to confirm when it can be scheduled.

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