Embodied Astrology™ can offer you psycho-emotional healings, energetic activations and empowerments and awakenings in consciousness that enrich your experience of and connection to the multi-dimensionality of existence.

Through creative exploration you can journey into the depths of your psyche and being by embodying the archetyps and deities of human nature depicted in astrology and receive gifts from the Mystery that transform your life.

Embodied Astrology™ is an alternative integrative psychotherapy that leverages healing (trauma resolution, schema adaptations and behavioural repatterning) into transformative self exploration and spiritual awakening. It is focused on delivering expanded and refined conscious embodiment that is observed as being more attuned to, and creatively responsive in, the present, and is experienced as greater pleasure, subtler awareness and increased agency in connection with a more meaningful reality.

Integrating ancient ritual techniques with modern therapies it is a form of Transpersonal Therapy. Functionally it is a novel Contextual Schema Focused Therapy (CSFT) grounded in Process-Experiential Emotionally-Focused Therapies (PE-EFT), where archetypes and their journeys of health personify schemas and their modes of expression. It integrates aspects of Primal Therapy, Focusing, Somatic Experiencing/NeuroAffective Relational Model, Voice Dialogue, Process-Oriented Psychology, Systemic Family Constellations, Gestalt Psychodrama, Depth Psychology and Archetypal Psychotherapy into a simple yet profound ritual practice of radically effective and efficient transformation.

Embodied Astrology™ literally enables you to dance and dialogue with the deities and integrate the divine archetypes into your every day experience.

Embodied Astrology™
Embodied Astrology™
Embodied Astrology™

The 1on1 exploration of the astrological medicine wheel can support you to develop and deepen tracking of your felt sense and self regulation in the context of a co-regulating therapeutic relationship. The dynamic group ritual application of this practice is best suited to healers, therapists and/or spiritual practitioners who have already developed a basic capability for self regulation, and have some experience with processing strong emotions and integrating altered states of consciousness. If you know how to drive, so to speak, this will take you into off-road 4WD exploring where we can cover a lot of terrain! If you are curious but unsure if this work is for you, please contact me to discuss its suitability.

Embodied Astrology™ has emerged largely from Daniel Sowelu’s Experiential Therapeutic Primal Astrology. As a graduate of Daniel Sowelu’s formal trainings and through ongoing mentoring I’ve personally spent over 1000 hours in the astrological medicine wheel since 2013, and facilitated over 500 hours of group work and delivered over 300 hours of 1on1 client sessions. I continue to be awed and inspired by the healings and awakenings it provides me and others, and am honoured to be one of only a handful of practitioners in the world to regularly offer individual and group sessions.

To enable remote sessions, you can now purchase The Astrolacle – The Embodied Astrology Oracle Deck™, so we can work in the medicine wheel via zoom.

Please note you do not need ANY knowledge of or belief in astrology: only an openness to feel and an impulse to explore.

To book in please consider what sort of session you need and what’s involved:

Individual Sessions

The individual sessions are an opportunity to journey privately and with my undivided attentive support.

You can come with a life issue, desire to explore a particular archetype, or allow what’s aligned to the highest good and greatest joy to emerge intuitively in the wheel. As healings, openings and insights emerge through the process you may choose to journey again and again with the same archetype or different archetypes and often with different archetypes within a single session.

  • The sessions are usually held in Mitcham Melbourne Australia, or online if you have a copy of The Astrolacle – The Embodied Astrology Oracle Deck™.
  • You need to provide your date, time and place of birth at the time of booking
  • Please allow a half day or evening of ‘down time’ immediately following your session to be able to most fruitfully integrate its gifts
  • Each session lasts approximately 1 hour, but realistically you’re best to plan on 2 hours for the session, with travel time either side, to allow sufficient time to arrive and settle, and then ground before departing

You can book an online session here but please contact me first to ensure I am aware this is an Embodied Astrology focused session, or to confirm when an in-person session is avaliable in Mitcham Melbourne.

Couples & Group Processes

Small group processes, for 2-30 people, are customised in duration and focus based on the needs of the group and often with reference to the prevailing astrology.

Small group processes are an opportunity to harness the potency of a group journeying deeply into the same archetypal territory. They can be ideal for couples wishing to break through stagnant dynamics. They work equally as well for organisational team development sessions focused on fostering Emotional Intelligence. The cost varies based on numbers, logistics and preparatory and follow-up work involved. They can be held anywhere in the world you can afford to get me to 🙂 To explore booking a small group process please get in touch.

Please let me know about upcoming events, sessions and special offers...

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