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I offer psycho-emotional healing, energetic empowerment and spiritual guidance from deep presence. As qualified Therapeutic Experiential Astrologer, Spiral Dynamics Consultant and Energetic Healer in multiple lineages, I have become an experienced group meditation and ritual facilitator since Kali-Durga unexpectedly initiated me into service in 2012. Read about other’s experiences of benefiting from what’s emerged since then as Divine Transmission Meditations, Shamanic Clearing, Karmic Releasing and Archetypal Empowerments here.

Born in Brisbane Australia in 1976 (26 Oct @ 15:15 astrology nerds!), I’ve been learning meditation since my first ‘how-to’ course in 1989. I’ve never gotten around to establishing a ‘traditionally’ recommended daily meditation schedule. I do, however, meditate all the time.

A few key questions have been guiding lights in my life – continually being asked and answered afresh: What is this? Who am I? What do I want? What is needed? In seeking and finding answers to these questions, I’ve adventured on a journey of self and life discovery through the study of spirituality, psychology, physiology, sociology and more.

Along the way, I’ve gotten the most value from encountering the following people, practices and paths:

Until 2012 I had a mainstream career as a strategy consultant, futurist and director of multiple startups, all roles heavily technology and communications focused. A series of personal transformations culminated that year leading to private passions becoming the professional offerings of this website. Doing largely energetic work that adapts to the astro-weather means a dynamic schedule, so to complement this I’ve maintained a stream of offerings as a Tech Advisor mostly for micro businesses like my own, fostering conscious embodiement. A ‘mainstream only’ professional profile is here: Chris C Stewart CV (481 downloads)

About Chris

In workshops and 1on1 sessions I regularly overtly use Shamanic Clearing (based on 5 Element Healing), Karmic Releasing (a soul-level form of advanced Kinesiology) and Embodied Astrology (a process based modality of tantric-shamanic trauma resolution, archetype based psyche integration and spiritual awakening). Read more about these transformational tools here.

The adventure of emergent discovery and creation always continues… Do you want to share the road together for a stretch?

Then please, do get in touch.

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